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​Services offered

These items can only be accessed by logged in registered users and change according to the user's profile in order to avoid confusion and prevent searching for services which are not useful for the user's business.

The complete list of services is:

  • On-board documentation: access to the portal containing the electronic copies of the on-board documentation for FIAT, ALFA ROMEO, LANCIA, FIAT PROFESSIONAL, ABARTH brands. The documentation can be browsed by brand, VIN or, in some countries, by vehicle number plate.
  • Training courses: access to the training portal. Specific registration is needed to access the dedicated portal (you can use the same credentials used for this website). The courses are subject to a charge.
  • Tools and Equipment: access to the portal for purchasing and renting specific tools for repairing FIAT, ALFA ROMEO, LANCIA, FIAT PROFESSIONAL and ABARTH vehicles and the generic equipment recommended by FGA.
  • Technical Help Desk: information and instructions for accessing the FGA Technical Help Desk for assistance in repairing FIAT, ALFA ROMEO, LANCIA, FIAT PROFESSIONAL and ABARTH vehicles.
  • Download data: area dedicated to users who have subscribed a commercial agreement for re-publishing FIAT, ALFA ROMEO, LANCIA, FIAT PROFESSIONAL and ABARTH databases or catalogues or who have requested access to the FGA spare parts price list. A specific login is needed.
  • Service Contracts: access to the Mopar Vehicle Protection service contract purchasing platform, available for users profiled as “Camper Van Outfitter”.
    On their private Home Page, these user can use the Buy - Buy Service Contracts menu to start the process for buying and selling Service Contracts (for more details, see “FAQ” and “User Manual”).