User Manual (Printable version)

  1. Cookie Policy
  2. Navigation interface
  3. Public homepage
  4. Technical requirements
  5. Register
  6. Login
  7. Forgotten password?
  8. Certified email
  1. Private homepage
  2. Change Registration Data
  3. User Activation
  4. User Inquiry
  5. MVP discount manager
  6. Easy Access
  7. Models/Languages Available
  8. Type approvals
  1. Information for PTI/MOT
  2. Diagnosis tools
  3. Services offered
  4. Contact area
  5. Purchase
  6. Your subscriptions
  7. Vehicle identification
  8. Your orders

1. Cookie Policy

The short version of the Cookie Policy appears when the portal opens.

  1. Click on Ok to close it.
  2. You can read the complete version of the Cookie Policy by clicking on More information.


2. Navigation interface

  1. The current language is shown on the top right. Point to the name of the language or flag to change the language.
  2. Click on the button by the side to open the on-line help of the current page/section.
  3. Click on the Technical Information for Genuine Specialists logo on any page to go back to the public homepage from anywhere in the website.
  4. The side menu is the pivot of the website: click on an item and read the corresponding on-line help for details on each function.
  5. A red button with an arrow appears under the main menu, on the right: this is the user menu.
  6. A red text bar may appear by the side: it contains the hot news of the day.
  7. A second red button with a shopping cart is present under the user menu on the right. This is used to complete a purchase.

The page footer contains information on intellectual property (8) and other legal notes (9) on the website.


3. Public homepage

Click on the user menu to open the interface for:

  1. Login as registered user
  2. Register as new user

An important vehicle launched on the market by FCA is visible in the middle of the homepage.

Six icons are positioned around it to access information on Genuine RMI packages:

  1. Genuine Service
  2. Genuine Catalogues
  3. Genuine Diagnostics
  4. Genuine Training
  5. Genuine Tools
  6. Genuine Parts

The lower part of the page is occupied by advertising on FCA partners.

A quick connection to the following areas is found on the right:

  1. System requirements for correct use of the website
  2. Public news
  3. Public notes
  4. Purchase subscription


4. Technical requirements

This page contains information on technical requirements of the PC used to access the Repair and Maintenance Information on this website.

The portal was developed for full cross-browser compatibility, i.e. to work regardless of the system used to connect to the Internet (e.g. Internet Explorer or Google Chrome) but it contains referenced items, i.e. from other FCA Internet portals or third parties.
Perfect operation and visibility of the differentiated contents cannot be guaranteed for any browser: in some cases, the content can be perfectly operational only if Internet Explorer is used.
FCA in all cases is working to ensure the full cross-browser compatibility of all its portals.

All the graphic symbols on the page allow to connect to the free download area of the plug-ins needed to correctly view some Technical Information website contents.
The page of the company that owns the concerned software will appear.


5. Register

To register, you must first accept the contractual terms and conditions, by specifically approving the Subject and Scope of the Agreement, Access to the Site, Guarantees, Liability and Limitations of Liability, Duration of the Agreement, General Provisions and Dispute Resolution Procedures sections. You must then declare to be an automotive professional who directly or indirectly repairs vehicles and accept the privacy policy.

During the second step of the registration process, you must enter information about yourself and your company. This information is essential for determining whether your profile is correct and to allow FCA to contact you if you need help in using the website.

Firstly, check whether your Company is already registered on the portal by entering the VAT number or part of the Company Name (1) and running a search (2). If your Company is already present in our archives, it will appear in the list below with the various registered offices (3) and can be selected. Otherwise, create a new Company (4).

To create a new Company, enter the VAT number (1) or any equivalent tax reference (in countries as applicable) and your company name (2), as it appears on the company registration certificate issued by your Chamber of Commerce.
Then enter the address of your company's registered office (3), to which invoices will be sent if you purchase subscriptions, and attach the documentation (4) needed to prove that your company operates in the automotive sector and that the person you are about to register in the following steps is legally entitled to represent it.

The “Legal Representative” does not have to be the Managing Director or equivalent person. It is sufficient to attach a statement from someone with a proxy who assigns this role to you to operate on this portal.
Our team will use the documentation you attach to review your Company's registration. If the documentation is not valid, the registration will not be successful and you will be notified accordingly.
If the documentation is valid, your Company's data may be modified by our team to align it with the details present in official European Community databases or the like.

If the Company is already present, the list of already present offices will appear in your selection.

Select your location (1) or, as when creating a New Company, you need to provide the new location’s address (2). This address may be different from the Company's address or, in the case of an existing Company, it could be the address of a secondary location that is not in our records yet.

Finally, enter the user data. The following items are crucial to the successful completion of the registration:

  1. The email address must be unique and not present in our archives. It is not possible to register multiple users with the same email address.
  2. First name, last name and date of birth are used to create the first registration password and cannot coincide with those of another user; at least one element must differ.
  3. Secret questions and answers: these are needed to change your password mandatorily every 60 days for computer security reasons and to recover your password if you forget it.

Accordingly, you will be registered with a position within the Company:

  • Company Legal Representative: this is the first user who is registered when a new Company was created.
  • Location Legal Representative: this is the first user who is registered when a new Location was created.
  • Location Operator: this is any user registered after the first user within a Location.
  • Guest: this is any user waiting for their registration to be approved. Our team is required to approve the Company Legal Representative, by validating the Company and its representative, based on the supporting documentation submitted. Other profiles will be approved by the Company or Location Legal Representative, as pertinent.


6. Login

When you log in, you will be asked to enter your username (1) and password (2).

  1. Once you have entered your credentials, click here to login. The password received during registration must be changed to a new one, following the indicated rules. The password you chose expires every 60 days and must be renewed, always following the same rules.
  2. Here is how to proceed if you cannot complete the registration, cannot remember your credentials or cannot reset your password yourself.
  3. If you have forgotten your password, here is the procedure for resetting your password. You need to know username, secret questions and answers.


7. Forgotten password?

This function can be used by registered users to reset their password to access the website if they have forgotten it.

In order to do so, you have to select the function Login from the user menu, then enter your username (3) and in the menu below, select the function Did you forget your password? (2).
If you can’t even remember your username, you can use the Need help? (1) function.

In order to change your password, you have to remember the secret answers you gave during registration and then select a new password by following the norms indicated.


8. Certified email

After logging in, a pop-up will appear in countries where electronic invoicing is mandatory.

  1. If you have a certified email address (PEC) and/or a Recipient Code, enter them one of the two fields, which are mutually exclusive.
  2. Once you have entered the field, confirm your choice.
  3. If you do not have either a certified email address (PEC) or a Recipient Code, click on this button.

This pop-up will appear with each login, until one of the two fields is filled in.


9. Private homepage

Click on the user menu to open the interface for:

  1. Log out
  2. Going back to the private homepage (by clicking on your name in the white box)
  3. Changing registration data, e.g. the e-mail or one of the associated addresses
  4. Using subscriptions already purchased for accessing Repair and Maintenance Information
  5. Recover an MPV contract estimate, in the case of camper van outfitters
  6. Checking your orders
  7. Recover a new MPV order, in the case of camper van outfitters
  8. Selecting the vehicle on which to operate
  9. Placing new orders
  10. Accept or refuse the user registration for your Company, in the case of the Company Representatives or Location Representatives
  11. Run user search for your Company, in the case of the Company Representatives or Location Representatives
  12. Oversee the standard discount values for MPV orders, in the case of camper van outfitters
  13. Reading notes and news

All pages will contain these functions after having logged in.

The middle of the private homepage is occupied by two distinct sections:

  1. Notes (public and private) reserved for your user profile
  2. News (public and private) reserved for your user profile

The bar on the lower part contains the website contact area.

The contact area is structured as follows:

  1. The number of messages present and the possibility of sending new messages is shown on the first line on the left.
  2. The current folder (inbox or sent) is shown on the next line, with the filter option to show on the unread messages or all the messages.
  3. Other symbols are used to identify messages to be sent, received, to be read, forwarded or answered.
  4. Click on a message to read it and see any attachments in the area on the right.


10. Change Registration Data

In this section you can change some of the stored data.

You can correct any data relating to the location, in the case where the physical address of the operative location changes.

You can also change the email address and telephone number linked to the user, just like with the languages you use to navigate.
When you have finished correcting, save (1) the changes.


11. User Activation

Users who might be the Legal Representative of the Company or Legal Representative of the Location can, or rather they must, validate the registration of other users from the Company/Location, depending on their role.

You can search users by Username (1), possibly with the additional filter (2) to identify those who have not been dealt with (Pending Approval), those being dealt with and therefore temporarily blocked from changes by the user (Taken in charge) or whose activation by the user has already been Approved or Rejected.

Once a user has been identified, the Location Data (only for Location Head approval) or the Type of Activity (only for users Pending Approval) can be changed.


12. User Inquiry

Users who might be the Legal Representative of the Company or Legal Representative of the Location can search for other users from the Company/Location, depending on their role.

The Company (1) will already be pre-selected, but the Location (2) will be able to be entered in the case of Company Representative. The other fields can be selected freely, so a search can be run (3).

Once the users have been filtered, they can be Selected one at a time and their details can be viewed.


13. MVP discount manager

Users who might have camper van outfitter among their activities can set the basic discount value for the extended warranty packages that Mopar makes available for them, as an offer to end customers.

If you scroll the sidebar (1) you can view the maximum discount set at the moment (2) for each package. If you want to modify it, just click on the Update (3) button.

The discount field thus becomes editable and you can save changes or go back, leaving the previous discount.


14. Easy Access

This section allows easy access to all functions of ISO 18541 already implemented before the obligation to comply with the standard.
The list may not be aligned with the final version of the standard (not translated in all languages yet) and may not implement all items: FCA reserves the right to integrate and edit all parts which do not comply as soon as the standard will become mandatory.

The operating logic of the Easy Access menu is:

  1. The first level of the tree shows the Use Cases groupings.
  2. The second level (where present) shows the single Use Cases of a group.
  3. The last level shows the implementation methods in Technical Information.

An explanatory text (4) of the selected level appears again in the window by the right of the Easy Access.

The last level provides the sequence (5) of the steps to be performed in the various Technical Information sections: print it or copy it as a guide for using the required function.


15. Models/Languages Available

This page provides information on the number of models on the website organised by Repair and Maintenance Information type.
This is because FCA does not have a single database containing all the information which must be provided by law. The information is available in different environment which are not connected to each other.

The main environments are:

  • Repair manuals: these can be purchased for one brand or any combination of brands for 1 hour, 1 day, 1 month, 1 year. Most of the documentation is available in XML format but PDF files generated by scanning paper documents may be available for some older models.
  • Flat rate manuals: these are included in the previous option. Format is XML again (also for the older models).
  • On-board documentation: accessible free of charge after logging in. The PDF files can be browsed with search functions.
  • Spare Parts Catalogues: only available for multiple brands for 1 hour, 1 day, 1 month, 1 year. The documentation is available in XML format.

A link is provided to the Maserati portal for the Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione special series which contains Repair and Maintenance Information of the model. A specific subscription must be purchased to access the website.

The address of the website corresponding to this is provided for CHRYSLER, JEEP and DODGE. FCA is working to set up a direct link like the one provided for Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione.


16. Type approvals

This page provides the list of models in the portal and which information about Repair and Maintenance is available for, as required by the existing regulations linked to approval. For older models, the information is available in line with competition standards.
Apart from the list of models, there is the approval booklet number and the VIN description of each model: the parts in bold indicate the fixed portion of the VIN for each model, whereas the others contain characters that vary depending on the individual vehicle.

This information can be useful to companies that develop SW based on VIN search, taking advantage of a fee service and subject to a contract, which FCA provides to suitable companies who request it.


17. Information for PTI/MOT

This page provides the list of models in this portal and subject to the new PTI/MOT regulations.
There is a PDF file for each model, containing the information required by the regulations or information about where they can be found, in case this information is subject to the regulations on information for Repair and Maintenance.

In the second case, this information is subject to the same existing rules for the other subjects about the automotive industry. The national authorities can request access for verification, after first registering on this portal.


18. Diagnosis tools

This page provides the information relating to the diagnostic solutions that FCA makes available to Independent Operators.

Apart from the FCA-owned diagnostic instrument, whose hardware can be purchased through the eCommerce channel, two other options are available:

  1. Using the third party tools that comply with the SAE J2534 protocols in PassThru mode, using the official FCA diagnosis environment.
  2. Using the third party tools equipped with a specific SW called Wrapper FCA for authenticated diagnosis on vehicles that have Secure Gateway (SGW).

Using the FCA-owned diagnosis instrument and the third party SAE J2534 instruments also requires the purchase of a subscription for diagnosis, available in 3-day, 1 month or 1 year denominations and can be purchased on a portal managed jointly with FCA US. These subscriptions make it possible to operate on all FCA brand vehicles, including American brands.

For some functions that also require access to information about Repair and Maintenance, such as interactive diagnosis or control unit updating, purchase of a subscription to the Repair Manual for at least 1 hour is required and must include at least the vehicle brand that is being worked on. In the case of Fiat, Fiat Professional, Lancia, Alfa Romeo and Abarth brand vehicles, this subscription can be purchased directly on this portal, but for Jeep, Chrysler, Dodge and RAM you need to access the TechAuthority portal

Using the third party tools with Wrapper FCA requires instead a subscription for authenticated diagnosis, available in 1 day, 1 month or 1 year denominations and can be purchased directly on this portal.


19. Services offered

19.1. On-board documentation

The eLUM portal is external to the Technical Information site (, and was developed for vehicle owners; its content can be viewed in referenced mode.
After selecting your nationality, you need to register on the portal, possibly using your own social profile already in existence.

You can:

  1. Select the language for the documentation you are looking for.
  2. Logout or modify your personal data.

Furthermore, you can access by brand or model (3) or by VIN (4) or by number plate (in countries where the number plate is unequivocally linked to the vehicle).

Enter a check code must be entered to confirm that the action is being carried out by a human operator.

You can browse or download the on-board vehicle documentation after having accessed the model.

19.2. Training courses

The WEB Academy portal is external to the Technical Information site and therefore its content is visible in a differentiated manner.
Functions can only be guaranteed if Internet Explorer is used as browser.

To access, indicate your country (1) and access the specific area (2) after having logged a specific request in the Contact Area of the Support menu.
You will find a menu (3) on the WEB Academy portal showing how to sign up (4) for online and traditional training courses, the latter held in a FCA training centre.
The list of training centres (5) is available on the website.

You can access online training courses after having signed up.
Use the WEB Academy portal Help Desk for more information.

19.3. Technical Help Desk

Technical Support is an FCA task force dedicated to solving the most critical vehicle repair cases.
Technical Support experts help repairers solve very complex issues. They are also in charge of detecting early signs of potential product problems by means of a nationwide network located in all countries where FCA operates.

The following requirements are essential to access the service to ensure that the operator can understand the answers provided by the technical help desk, perform the necessary operations and access the necessary instruments/documents:

  1. Being a first or second level technical expert or a diagnosis expert. This title is obtained by completing a WEB Academy training process, but the operator can contact a training centre and perform an assessment test to demonstrate that the person has the necessary skills.
    The service is also available for operators who are currently attending a training course to obtain this qualification.
  2. Having a wiTECH2.0. This is the official diagnostic tool of the FCA network. This requirement is essential because Technical Support operators can indicate exactly which tool functions to use and, in extreme cases, take direct control of the tool directly from operations headquarters.
  3. Having a valid, active subscription to Technical Documentation. This is also an essential requirement because the documentation provides valid assistance for particularly complex operations or to correctly identify electric connections.

The user must fill in the online form, add the required attachments and sent it.
The request will be sent to FCA staff in the relevant country, so that the user can be contacted by an assistant who speaks their language, following a check on the three requisites.

19.4. Download data

Download Manager is a dynamic archive and content is available for authorised users only, i.e.:

  1. Operators who request to download official FCA genuine spare parts price lists. Send your request to the Contacts Areas indicating that you want this information.
  2. Business-to-Business (B2B) operators who have signed a commercial agreement with FCA for republishing Repair and Maintenance Information for FCA vehicles. Rights for republishing Repair Manuals, Repair Flat Rate Manuals and Spare Parts Catalogues can be requested.

Data download rules are supplied separately to the user when the commercial agreement is signed or in case of Spare Parts Price List downloads when the user is informed that the service is active.

19.5. Service Contracts

Only for users with Camper Van Outfitter profile there is a function on the Purchase -> Purchase Service Contract menu for buying and selling to the end customer. For more information on the buying and sales proposition process, see 21.2 Service Contracts.


20. Contact area

The contact area is the communications point between Technical Information users and administrators.

It may be used for an array of functions:

  • Solving subscription-related issues: impossibility of using the subscription due to unavailability of the website (inactivity or errors).
  • Solving user data-related issues: problems for updating personal data.
  • Starting up B2B negotiations: for publishing or using FCA material in your products and/or on your portals.
  • Requesting access to spare part lists
  • Other problems

The choice of the topic is fundamental for rapid request management: the expert team which receives the request is based on the chosen topic.
Indicating topics which do not reflect the content of the request may cause them to be sent to a member of staff who is not in the position to solve the issue and who may not know the correct person to contact for the actual matter in hand.
Your request could consequently be ignored or require more time to be received, examined and solved.

The user will receive a response directly in the contact area of the site.

The contact area is structured as follows:

  1. The number of messages present and the possibility of sending new messages is shown on the first line on the left.
  2. The current folder (inbox or sent) is shown on the next line, with the filter option to show on the unread messages or all the messages.
  3. Other symbols are used to identify messages to be sent, received, to be read, forwarded or answered.
  4. Click on a message to read it and see any attachments in the area on the right.

If you decide to write a new message or display the detail of a message in the box on the right, it opens a writing interface with the following structure:

  1. The messages can be selected on the right similarly as illustrated above.

Various actions can be performed on the messages on the right:

  1. Write a new message or respond to a message received.
  2. Set a message that you have already been read as not read.
  3. Delete the message.
  1. One or more attachments can be added or removed while writing and before sending.


21. Purchase

The purchasing procedure is rather complex and covers various types of products and purchasing methods.

All profiles can buy documentation using the Purchase subscriptions function. For Camper Van Outfitters only the Purchase Service Contracts function is also available.
  1. Online Technical Documentation: the set of Technical Documentation, Spare Parts Catalogues and Flat Rate Manuals which may be browsed online and filtered by specific model.
  2. Authenticated diagnosis packages: to purchase a subscription to use third party diagnostic instruments equipped with Wrapper FCA for authenticated diagnosis.

Except for the Service Contract, you can simultaneously buy different types of product.
The purchase procedure of the various products is detailed below.

21.1. Online technical documentation and Generic diagnostic tool

A page will appear when the menu is opened. The complexity of the page will vary according to the available subscription type.

To avoid misunderstandings, we provide clarification: Generic diagnostic tool packages can only be used with non-proprietary FCA tools which have been developed according to the specifications provided by FCA. Check with your equipment supplier if your tool falls into this category.

The most complex case (Online Technical Documentation) is shown below.

  1. The available subscriptions are shown on the right when the menu opens.
  2. Scroll the list using the bar on the right, if it is very long.
  3. Click on the shopping cart or drag the package to the shopping cart to select a subscription.
  4. The subscriptions may be filtered to identify the desired one. The first filter based on the subscription type joins the selections.
  5. The second filter based on the vehicle brand will eliminate all subscriptions which are not compatible with at least one of the selected brands.
  6. The last filter based on time shows only the subscriptions of selected duration.

After having filled the shopping cart, the procedure will be the same for all products and therefore the methods for concluding the purchase will be illustrated at the end.

21.2. Service Contracts

Select Purchase Service Contracts, to open the following page:

  1. Before starting any operation, you must establish whether the estimate is finalised to be purchased by a customer or not. Click on the box to make this choice.
  2. Then enter the vehicle data to search for the products available for that chassis. The search may be performed by entering:
    • Model and chassis number
    • Plate number
    • VIN
    • MVS, only if the estimate is not aimed to be purchased
  3. The system will only prompt to enter the code shown to check that the user is human.
  4. Then continue with the vehicle search.
  1. All the vehicle data pre-compiled by the system appear in the Vehicle data section.
  2. Enter the mileage of the vehicle to search for the products.
  3. If you are preparing an estimate which is not finalised for to be purchased, enter the start of warranty date and the fuel type.
  1. Fill in all the fields on the Customer Data page.
  2. Accept the Privacy Policy Disclaimer to go to the next page. The Privacy Policy Disclaimer can be viewed by pressing the “i” button and printed by pressing the respective print icon.
  1. The products which can be sold for the given chassis according to the previously set criteria are shown on the MVP Page.
  2. The product name and duration in terms of years and kilometres are described in each rectangle.
  3. Furthermore, the advertising leaflet (red button) of the product and an except of the Terms and Conditions of the service contract (blue button) can be downloaded.
    The price shown is that charged to the end customer and does not include VAT. To see the total (also not including VAT) billed by FCA to the user, press the “i” button.
    To perform each operation in the chosen option rectangle, click on the square in the top right.

N.B. The purchasing price charged to the user and billed by FCA remains unchanged (and can be viewed at any time by clicking on the ‘i’ button).

  1. To support Service Contract sales, the user can set a discount to be offered to the end customer by clicking in the box or manually entering the required discount percentage.
    The viewed total for the end customer will implement this setting and be shown when the Contract is printed.
  2. Once the discount has been set, click on the Buy button. The order will be shown in the shopping cart with the total that FCA will bill to the customer.
    During this step, the offer can be saved in the estimate archive.
  3. If the estimate is not finalised to be purchased, it can be saved in the estimate archive and finalised for sale at a later time.

21.3. Finalise the purchase

To complete the purchase, open the shopping cart after having selected the products you want to buy.

  1. You can delete any product entered by mistake.
  2. Proceed with the purchase if the content of the shopping cart is correct.

To buy Service Contracts, click on Next in the shopping cart to open a pop-up that you must read. Click on Next to go to the next page.
  1. You can also check the billing data and the shipping address of the material to be used off-line. If necessary, change the data in the Edit Your Profile section.
  2. A summary of the current order is shown on the right.
  3. You can add products and go back to the subscription selection page.
  4. Proceed with the payment if everything is correct.

Two payment methods are available:

  1. xPay: the Cartasì circuit payment platform allowing to pay by credit card only (either prepaid or not).
    This method is active for all purchases except for specific equipment.
  2. PayPal: virtual wallet payment platform, allowing to pay in various ways according to the normal functions of the platform itself.
By selecting xPay you can pay with credit card only.
Enter the card number (1), the expiry date (2), the CVV (3) and the name of the card owner (4).
You must allow processing of your personal data as required by the law (5).
You can still cancel (6) the purchase or proceed with the payment itself (7).
The system will ask you to confirm (2) or correct (1) your data one last time.
  1. The purchase is now complete. You can start using the subscription directly simply by clicking. No confirmation email is needed.

By selecting PayPal as payment method, you can pay by credit card (1) in manner similar to that described for xPay mode.
If you own a PayPal account, you can pay according to the chosen method (2) in the scope of your contract with PayPal.

At the end of the purchase, the billing process is automatic.
A few days after purchase, for countries where electronic invoicing is not in force, you can download a PDF version of the invoice in the Your orders section.
In countries where electronic invoicing is in force, the invoice is sent to the PEC address (if entered in the registration data), or alternatively associated with the Recipient Code (if entered in the registration data) or the tax drawer associated with the VAT number (if the first two solutions are not possible).


22. Your subscriptions

You can use your purchased subscriptions in this section.
You can configure a subscription to a single brand (for a specific brand) or use a subscription To be activated or already Active to access the repair and maintenance information.

The available subscription types (1) for on-line use appear on the top of the page. The active subscriptions will appear in blue.
The subscriptions available for each single type are listed under their state. You can select them one at a time (2).

After having selected a subscription, the essential information will appear on the right including creation, activation and expiration date (3).
The subscriptions may be used in simplified mode with guided access for VIN/MVS (4) or in expert mode (5). According to the subscriptions one of the two modes may not be available.

You can purchase a new subscription (6) if none correspond to your needs.

22.1. Full access

One or more of the following links to referenced websites will appear according to the selected subscription:

  • eLEARN: this is the repair manual publisher. Repair manuals contain technical data, repair procedures, wiring diagrams, Service News, symptom solutions, DTC solutions.
  • Tempario: this is the repair times publisher.
  • ePER: this is the spare parts catalogue publisher.
  • 8C Competizione: link to the Maserati website containing information on the Alfa Romeo special series of the same name.

Use the online help of the destination sites for help.


23. Vehicle identification

This section is the fulcrum of all the guided functions available to the user.

23.1. Selecting the vehicle

  1. The system asks to enter a VIN to identify the vehicle on which to operate. This section will remain active for the entire connection session unless you go back to this page and change it.
  2. You must enter a check code to demonstrate that you are a human user.
  3. The vehicle features will appear if you have entered a valid VIN for a Euro 5 or higher vehicle.
  4. The system will show if recall campaigns are active on the vehicle.
  5. If you have correctly identifies the vehicle and no campaigns are present you can select the various search methods.
  6. You can also search by MVS, i.e. by groups of vehicles with similar features.
For search by MVS, you must select in order the Brand (1), the Model (2) and the Version (3) of the vehicle before proceed with the various search methods (4).

23.2. Searching for Repair and Maintenance Information

The pop-up window which opens allows you to select the search type to be carried out:

  1. Search by Component: if the subscription is not of the Special Series type
  2. Search by Symptom: if the subscription includes at least Technical manuals-Flat rate manuals
  3. Search by Maintenance: if the subscription includes at least Technical manuals-Flat rate manuals
  4. Search by DTC: available only if the by VIN option was used with a subscription including at least Technical manuals-Flat rate manuals

Navigate along the text tree (1) or the graphic tree (2), or enter a key word (3) in the field on the top left (for suggestions) to see the list of documents (4) corresponding to the selection criteria.
At this point, you can select the various results (5) to browse the documents.

If you do not use an Active or To be activated subscription, the system will guide you to the list of subscriptions (6) to select one.
You can purchase a new subscription if suitable subscriptions are present.
Regardless of your choice, you can go back to the previous page and access the results at the end of this step.


24. Your orders

In this section, you can see the list of ordered products (1) with an indication of the status (2) of each product.
If an order has not been completed with a payment, it can be completed by clicking on the shopping cart (3).
Clicking on Details (4), you can check the details of the ordering and purchasing process.
A few days after purchase, for countries where electronic invoicing is not in force, it is possible to download a PDF version of the invoice (5).
In countries where electronic invoicing is in force, the invoice is sent to the PEC address (if entered in the registration data), or alternatively associated with the Recipient Code (if entered in the registration data) or the tax drawer associated with the VAT number (if the first two solutions are not possible).
If Service Contracts are purchased, a copy of the Terms and Conditions (6) which must be signed and given to the end customer can be viewed and printed.

The system does not keep track of some products purchased on referenced websites, such as:

  • Training courses
  • Specific equipment purchased from a FCA dealer