Diagnosis tools

wiTECH2.0 is the tool for diagnosing electronic systems on FCA vehicles.

Logo wiTECH2.0

The system consists of two parts:

  • Micropod FCA (mandatory) - P/N 71777224
  • Panasonic Laptop PC (optional) - P/N 2022204280

The components can be purchased separately.
Alternatively, the complete kit can by ordered was P/N 71777895.

Access the specific tools catalogue to order wiTECH2.0.

  1. Select Tools and Equipment in the Services menu.
  2. If the Mopar® e-Store logo appears on the page, you can buy the products directly.
  3. In countries where the service is not active (the Mopar® e-Store logo is not there), click on the Mopar® Essential Tools and Service Equipment logo.
  4. Add the Part Numbers you want to the shopping cart and print out an estimate. You can contact the closest dealer for purchasing:

For wiTECH2.0 use, a few developments are still in progress, expected to conclude before end 2020, but it already possible to request registration of your MicroPOD on the Account Manager portal shown here, accessible by clicking on the picture opposite.

A second registration is required on this portal, common to all FCA brands, which uses your email address as username: we recommend using the same address you used to register on this portal.

After registration on this portal, you will be asked for an OKTA (One Key Time Access) authentication, according to double factor authentication standards.

After login, first of all you need to register at least one MicroPOD, with the serial number the same as or higher than WFP--12000 or WSP--31560.

Once the data are entered, request approval.

After the correct verifications, the user gets an email with confirmation that the registration took place.

Registration is automatically valid for CJD vehicles, but the user can enter this portal to ask automatically for registration for FLAPH vehicles also.

After the MicroPOD registration, you can acquire a subscription to the diagnostic which can last:

  • 3 days (considered the average time frame to intervene on a vehicle and related activities; less time makes no sense)
  • 1 month
  • 1 year

So you will need to download the new drivers for the MicroPOD, which let you use just one device on all FCA brands.

With this new solution, you go from per user management to device management. This means that each device has to have a subscription in order to work, but more users can share the same device. The advantage is that users with more than one MicroPOD can use various MicroPODs simultaneously, so also shorter subscriptions are available.

For users that still have active subscriptions purchased on this portal, we recommend using the subscriptions until their natural expiry and, at least for a week prior to this expiry, register on the new portal in order to ensure the time needed to activate the new process without too many glitches.

Obviously these users are free to switch to the new solutions right away, so they benefit from being able to use just one device on all FCA brands.

For the period the previous solution is being used, the link to the system is still active, by clicking on the logo opposite.

In order to use the subscription, you need to use the link on Account Manager.

For some advanced functions, access credentials and the presence of further information active on other portals are needed.

Specifically for:

  • FLAPH: for now, the basic functionalities, configuration and initialisation of control modules and electrical components are available; starting in October, you will also be able to effect reprogramming, and in 2021, advanced bidirectional functions will also be available.
  • CJD: all functions are already active.

You cannot run reprogramming of control modules that might be linked to official FCA Recall Campaigns. Because these activities are the manufacturer's responsibility and tied to tracking their completion, they are entrusted exclusively to the official FCA network.

As regards using more advanced functions (reprogramming and bidirectional diagnostics) you need to activate additional subscriptions to the technical documentation, inasmuch as these functions presuppose access to Technical Bulletins (for reprogramming) and/or to troubleshooting procedures (for bidirectional programming in the case of DTC with documentary support).

These subscriptions can be acquired on specific portals according to the vehicle brand involved:

  • FLAPH: a subscription to the Online Technical Documentation, which contains at least the brand involved and includes the Manuals, can be acquired for at least 1 hour on this portal.
  • CJD: a subscription on www.techauthority.com can be acquired for at least 1 hour.