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Genuine Tools

Genuine Tools includes all the specific tools and equipment developed for repairing FIAT, ALFA ROMEO, LANCIA, FIAT PROFESSIONAL, ABARTH, CHRYSLER, JEEP®, DODGE vehicles and the tools and equipment recommended by Stellantis to set up an Authorised Repair Workshop.

The specific equipment and tools contained in this package were jointly developed with Stellantis, which checks feasibility of use and ergonomics in addition to ensuring the required quality levels in terms of strength, calibration, settings and durability.

The equipment and tools recommended by Stellantis are selected on the basis of quality requirements. The chosen suppliers are exclusively companies capable of guaranteeing a logistic network for delivering equipment and providing related assistance.

The package includes:

  • Purchasing of specific equipment: the list of tools and equipment is available in eTOOLS. You can purchase directly online on the Mopar® e-Store portal. Alternatively, contact your nearest Stellantis dealer and remember to communicate the tool code. In the latter case, you will pay the dealer, who will deliver the tools and equipment you ordered.
  • Purchasing of recommended equipment: the list of recommended tools and equipment is provided in the specific catalogue. For purchasing, take note of the code and contact your local Stellantis dealer. You will pay the dealer and the tools and equipment will be delivered by the manufacturer directly to your workshop. Installation is included (masonry and preparatory works for installation are excluded).
  • Specific equipment rental: tools and equipment which can be rented are listed in eTOOLS. Fiat Group Automobiles, in collaboration with a logistics partner, is offering a new service for renting high-cost equipment with low frequency of use. For more information, select Tools and Equipment in the Services menu.

Refer to the following list to locate the dealer closest to you: